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I hope you’re doing well and wanted to get back to you with a topic everybody is interested in these days.

Eco-friendly products and sustainability

Of course, we all read the labels, look out for degradable packaging and so on, but what about knowing how a product is made?

As you’re interested in my products I’d like to let you know, that when purchasing them….you get a soap that has only been made by using solar energy!
But let’s start at the soap base itself.

I only use glycerin melt and pour soap bases that I get from a company that stands for no animal testing, non-GMO and using sustainable oil.  I use only detergent free bases and the only addition of a very thin layer of a base containing some detergent is used in soaps with embeds, so you can see them better.

Glycerin melt and pour base block

As I get these bases in huge blocks the have to be cut up and melted. This is usually done in a microwave. As you might now a microwave is a really nice quick tool, but it uses a lot of power to run.

Well, as some of you might know we live completely off-grid. We have a large array of solar panels and batteries which allow us to use standard appliances. So, even though I use a microwave for melting my soaps….I don’t need any energy provider to make them.

Solar Panels at Restless-Roots

After they’re made of course they have to be packed. Glycerin soap tends to get these “dew drops” in a humid environment, which doesn’t affect the quality of the soap at all but doesn’t look pretty and also for reasons of hygiene during transport, I shrink wrap them for protection.

The shrink wrap is nothing to worry about either, as I only take the leading brand in the biodegradable wrap so neither you nor I have to worry about putting an additional burden on Mother Nature.

Biodegradable shrink wrap
But of course, as the name says, it’s “shrinkwrap”, which will shrink only when getting in contact with the heat of something like a heat gun…..again something that takes electric energy to do the job.

Thanks so living off the grid and having an abundance of solar power at my disposal nothing to worry about.

So, in case you’re looking for products that are not only good for you and look great but have been made relying on the resources Mother Earth holds for us…..I’d say you’re at the right place!

Natures Art by Restless Roots – The Art of Soap Inspired by Nature….and made with help of the Sun ;-)

Sunset at the Lake



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