Whale watching as a soap inspiration

handmade moby dick soap

Living off the grid already holds a lot of inspirations for various soap colours & designs, but with the ocean nearby….well, that’s a whole different story.

The idea for “Moby Dick” for example

was born when we went for a whale watching tour at the Bay of Fundy here in Nova Scotia.

It’s a beautiful area and not only do you get to see humpback whales, but also dolphins and sea lions…and yes, we’re talking about Nova Scotia Canada and not some fancy island in the Caribbean.

It was wonderful and whenever travelling is allowed again you should definitely consider visiting our beautiful province with all its inspiring treasures.

As it might take a while until you manage to come for a visit, today I’d like to give you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of these amazing gentle giants and some of the others we managed to take photos of


And now you know by what "Moby Dick" was inspired by!

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