Who doesn’t dream about taking a time out, walk through the woods, go whale watching, take a hike through a blueberry field or stroll down the ocean and just closing your eyes, taking in all these wonderful scents of balsam fir, sea salt, berries and blossoms…..
Fallen Leaves Handmade Glycerin Soap
It’s usually hard to incorporate this in your daily life, but there’s a way to get a piece of it and also treat skin at the same time…..
Natures Art by Restless Roots creates soap art which is inspired by nature….scents that tickle your senses….. and is unique and bold….just like You!
The scent of each bar matches its theme and the soaps are solely glycerin based, some with additional ingredients such as buttermilk, oatmeal, calendula and honey which will moisturize your skin in a completely natural way.
Walk on the Beach, Handmade, detergent free, glycerin soap, with real sand in the bottom
How and why I started making soap…
Coming from a fast track background of working in motorcycle racing for more than 25 years, my husband and I decided it was time for a change and in 2010 moved from Germany to Nova Scotia (Canada).
Manuela Mueller, racing motorcycle tire technician in 2009
In 2015 we decided to move to northern Sweden and during the long winter I was looking for a new challenge and started making cold process soap.
But, after being the restless souls we are,  we decided to start off into a new adventure the end of 2016, moved back to Nova Scotia and started an off grid living in the middle of the woods by a lake, building our own log home from start to finish.
We lived in a camper for the next 2 years while building but I still wanted to make soaps. I noticed that cold process soap was very common and always wanting to do something different  then switched to making glycerin soap.
I started to work on different techniques incorporating the impressions and scents of what surrounds me every day and trying to capture what most of us dream of and long for.
Welcome to Natures Art by Restless Roots …Soap inspired by Nature for the Explorer in You!
Into the Woods, Handmade glycerin soap inspired by nature